About the Studio

Our Casting company was being asked to cast less for roles in Theatre and more for roles in Commercials, Corporate Videos, Independent Films, Feature Films, and Television. For actors who were auditioning and performing in these new roles, they had to make new and important acting choice changes. We understood the difference between stage and on camera performing. There were lessons to be shared and actors needed to practice cinematic performing.

We devised practical on-camera workshops for beginner to advanced levels that provided actors with a curriculum, teachers who had this expertise, and a space to practice. Actors developed a new savvy and confidence which resulted in BOOKING THE NEW JOBS.

The clients made changes too. They were now auditioning local talent who were capable and fresh, they STAYED IN BOSTON rather than travel to NYC for their Casting needs.

As the Studio grew, we added accomplished instructors, many who taught at local Colleges and Universities. Our staff has included John Lipsky, Jim Spruill, Will Lebow, Sid Freedman, Jan Eagleson, Patty Collinge, Bronia Wheeler, and Karen MacDonald. Today, our group includes distinguished professionals in academia and the acting community. Search the Instructor bios which follow.

The one day workshop, Getting Started in the Business of Acting was first offered at our acting studio and has become hugely popular. The seminar addresses the importance that marketing and networking play in getting jobs.....and is now filled with anecdotal, practical, and successful lessons of breaking into the business.

Under the watchful eye of Matt Bouldry, the Studio’s Registrar, the Studio offers our students the best acting workshops in the Boston area. For the last decade, Matt has worked to promote and support a curriculum which we proudly offer.  A place for you to grow, learn, practice, and realize the power within yourself to develop your talent!